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About Us
SigBlips is a contract engineering design and development firm that specializes in real-time embedded and digital signal processing systems.  Creating innovative signal processing solutions is our passion.  We have extensive expertise in the real-time, DSP, and X11 disciplines. 

Business Vectors (what we can do)
contract engineering services
  • develop DSP algorithms
  • custom baudline modifications
  • integrate baudline into your OEM product
  • port baudline to a different operating system or hardware platform
  • miscellaneous signal analysis consultation

mission critical support
  • maintenance agreement
  • baudline product warranty
  • on-site training
  • hardware qualification
  • expedited repair of trouble ticket items (bug fixes)
  • priority access to a SigBlips engineer

  • for baudline distribution
  • baudline technology source code (algorithms, libraries, or application)

Cupertino, California

"For the love of the signal."

Contact Us
contact@baudline.com    primary email
sigblips@gmail.com secondary email
+1(408)480-0227 telephone
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